Series ‘Social networks in 15 lines’, No. 2


Today, I will tell you of how I rode my bicycle in the street. A street is a road with concrete buildings along its sides.

First, I came to a street, by hitching a ride, and took my bike from the trunk. The driver was nice and helped me to hold the trunk lid even though he did not have to. Along the way, we stroke a conversation, and he told me that he does not come to the city often because he lives in suburbs. Suburb is a road with wooden houses along its sides.

To ride a bicycle, one has to follow a few simple rules. One is to pedal. It is necessary for the bike to ride and not fall. Two is that handlebars have to be held mostly straight and sometimes turned left or right. If turned too sharply, one might go over the handlebar, which is undesirable. Also, one may encounter pedestrians, but they are a topic of another post.

So, the driver dropped me off, at the house #3, and there I got on the bike and rode. It turned out that riding is pretty simple. The main idea is not to hit a pothole and not to run a pedestrian over. Also, one should watch out for cars or they may end up hurt: in ICU or in a grave.

This is about it. Next time, I will ride somewhere else.

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